Does Iran Want a Bomb? State Spox: “Ask Ahmadinejad”

The official position of the U.S. on Iran is still — rightfully — that no one can be sure that the Iranians are bent on making a nuclear weapon. In a briefing yesterday, acting State Department spokesperson Mark Toner put an… Continue Reading  

Actual Expert: Iraq War Set Back Tunisia and Egypt

Via Matt Duss’s twitter, Shibley Tehlami, a real expert on the Arab World, batters the already bruised neocon revisionists: When the Bush administration used the Iraq War as a vehicle to spread democratic change in the Middle East, anger with the United States… Continue Reading  

All Eyes on Egypt, Daniel Pipes Looks to Iran

Everyone’s watching Egypt. Everyone. But Daniel Pipes sees right through it, to where Iran is lurking in the background. It’s right there in the opinion section of the Washington Times, where even Frank Gaffney is zoomed in on the Muslim… Continue Reading  

Wolfowitz: Tunisia/Egypt DO NOT Vindicate Iraq War

Well, not quite. But the former Pentagon under-secretary and current AEI scholar has something to say on the subject. A recent neoconservative meme has been to assert that the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt that are imperiling dictatorial regimes owe… Continue Reading  

Why Did Israel Dial it Down on Iran?

I have a new piece up at Tehran Bureau, the PBS/Frontline project on Iran. The article is a look into the possible reasons that Israel has pushed back the nuclear timeline for Iran. I quote Tony Karon at length (which appears… Continue Reading