Should Iran’s Election Really be Discounted?

by Farideh Farhi I read with great interest the writing of Washington’s new Iran expert, Dennis Ross. With a title like “Don’t Discount the Iranian Election”, I thought, wow! Iran’s contested and improvised politics are finally being taken seriously. What… Continue Reading  

Decision Time in Tehran

by Farideh Farhi It is fair to say that since Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s disqualification, a good section of the Iranian pubic has been in a state of shock and silence. A friend who is also a keen observer of Iranian… Continue Reading  

What Just Happened in Iran?

by Gary Sick Farideh Farhi has done her usual excellent job of unwrapping the Iranian internal political scene. I very much share her surprise about this weekend’s events. I thought that the Supreme Leader had decided unequivocally that there was… Continue Reading  

Can Rafsanjani Jolt Iran’s Presidential Election?

by Alex Vatanka In this rowdy Iranian election season, all of the 26 or so presidential hopefuls are naturally looking for trademark political platforms to adopt. Slogans are plentiful, but going by the different camps’ daily announcements, the aspiring candidates… Continue Reading  

Khamenei’s Mounting Pressures

by Alireza Nader Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program are set to re-start in February, but Iran’s previous foot dragging in agreeing to a time and venue for the negotiations has been vexing for U.S. and allied diplomats. Iranian behavior… Continue Reading