As the World Watches, Iranians Vote

We proudly featured some indispensable analysis here at LobeLog in the run-up to Iran’s 2013 election, including scholar Farideh Farhi’s discussion of the centrists’ and reformists’ role this time around and economist Djavad Salehi-Isfahani’s informed take on the lack of economic policy… Continue Reading  

Decision Time in Tehran

by Farideh Farhi It is fair to say that since Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s disqualification, a good section of the Iranian pubic has been in a state of shock and silence. A friend who is also a keen observer of Iranian… Continue Reading  

Iran Surprises Again!

by Farideh Farhi Okay, it is time to admit that the only thing predictable about Iranian politics these days is its unpredictability! There are people who know Iran well and as early as a few months ago thought that the… Continue Reading