ISIS and the Politics of Surprise

by Paul Pillar The recent burst of recriminations about what the U.S. intelligence community did or did not tell the president of the United States in advance about the rise of the extremist group sometimes called ISIS, and about associated… Continue Reading

How Obama Should Beat ISIS

by Emile Nakhleh In a speech before the United Nations on Wednesday, President Barack Obama offered a rhetorically eloquent roadmap on how to fight the Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS) in Iraq and Syria. He called on Muslim youth to… Continue Reading

Realism about the Obama Doctrine

by Diana L. Ohlbaum “Speak loudly and carry a small stick.” That pretty much sums up the advice provided by a steady stream of withering critics of President Obama’s foreign policy. Spurred by off-the-cuff remarks the president made at a… Continue Reading

The President Strikes a Nerve

by Paul Pillar* President Obama has gotten much attention from a single extended response he gave to a question about his foreign policy from Ed Henry of Fox News in a press conference last week in Manila. The apparently strongly felt need,… Continue Reading