Radical Reform or Total Chaos for Lebanon?

By Nabeel Khoury Lebanese of all sectarian, political, and regional affiliations took to the streets starting on October 17 to protest rampant corruption and the collapse of services. Unlike previous protests, these sprang up across the country and seem to be driven… Continue Reading  

By Electing Kais Saied, Tunisians Recast Their National Politics

By Daniel Brumberg The Tunisian electorate has handed the independent candidate Kais Saied a huge victory. With 73 percent of the vote against Nabil Karoui’s 27 percent, he now has a mandate. But to do what precisely? Saied’s election signals the electorate’s… Continue Reading  

Abbas Calls for Elections, but Will They Be Held?

by Yousef Munayyer Before the recent speech by Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations General Assembly in September, it was reported that he would call for international assistance and protection for Palestinian parliamentary elections. Indeed, Abbas… Continue Reading  

Iraq’s Cruel Killings Will Not Stop Mass Protests

by Imad K. Harb Protests have again rocked Iraq’s streets as thousands of young people voiced their opposition to rampant corruption and sectarian politics. While the demonstrations appeared leaderless and did not seem to espouse a specific program—except generally to… Continue Reading  

A Balance Sheet on America’s “War on Terror” in the Middle East

by Charles W. Dunne Eighteen years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States remains engaged in a multi-front war against a multi-faceted extremist-terrorist threat, much of which emanates from the broader Middle East and North Africa.… Continue Reading