The Iranian Seizure of the Stena Impero: the Flagship of Imperialism  

by Ghoncheh Tazmini The Stena Impero, a 30 thousand tonne British-flagged tanker, was seized in the Persian Gulf by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on July 19. Sailing in the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s key maritime chokepoint, the vessel… Continue Reading  

Syria: Anti-Imperialism for Dummies

by Charles Davis An iron law of know-nothing “anti-imperialists” is that if a group receives support from the United States, however minimally—or even just is perceived as aligned with U.S. interests—that group must be very bad and should be opposed… Continue Reading  

Hugo Chavez: The Last Anti-Imperialist?

by Daniel Luban The death of Hugo Chavez has triggered a predictably dizzying amount of commentary, and I’ll leave it to the experts to evaluate his complicated legacy in Venezuela and in Latin America more broadly. The accusations of “totalitarianism”… Continue Reading