The US Should Evacuate Its Libya Embassy. Here’s Why.

by Wayne White A robust new military challenge to what passes for the Libyan central government has further destabilized the country and placed Western and other diplomatic missions there in greater danger. Although definitions for “failed states” vary, there should… Continue Reading  

Post-War Libya Needs Wider News Coverage

by Wayne White In just the past five days, stability in Libya has suffered further setbacks. Yet chronic civil disorder and unrest may seem secondary as many outside observers focus too narrowly, for example, on the status of Libyan oil… Continue Reading  

Libya Struggles To Rebound With Little Success

by Wayne White Oil markets received seemingly good news earlier this week: several closed Libyan export terminals would reopen. Yet not only is Libya still beset by a host of crippling problems, even opening the oil taps a bit more… Continue Reading  

Libya’s Post-War Chaos Needs More Attention

by Wayne White The Libyan Parliament’s abrupt dismissal last week of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan takes Libya another step closer to even greater confusion and instability. With an oil-starved central government also drifting closer to bankruptcy, Libya’s options going forward… Continue Reading  

A Surreal New Twist to Libya’s Ordeal

by Wayne White In Libya, which is bordering on failed state status with minimal central government control, many Libyans have made the transitional General National Congress (GNC) the latest target for blame. This followed the GNC’s decision to extend its… Continue Reading