Presidential Politics and the Lessons Learned from Middle East Dictatorships

by Adam Simpson One of the memes dominating US foreign policy debates is the appropriate American posture toward the leaders of other countries, particularly in the Middle East. Republican Presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump have all… Continue Reading

Negotiations Going Nowhere Fast in Yemen

by Adam Simpson After seven months of an intense civil war, resulting in a rapid deterioration of the already fragile humanitarian crisis and over 5,400 casualties, the Yemeni government should be eager to pursue a negotiated settlement. Both Houthi rebels… Continue Reading

Yemen Forecast: More Chaos to Come

by Adam Simpson Before the Saudi-led coalition launched Operation Storm of Decisiveness in March, Yemen had many afflictions. Its weak central government was wracked by internal feuds and beset by a diverse and widespread opposition. There was a proliferation of… Continue Reading