Saudis Face Foreign Criticism But No Domestic Backlash over Yemen

by Thomas W. Lippman In many countries, 19 months of war against an impoverished neighbor that rained death on civilians to no apparent gain might provoke widespread public protests. Not in Saudi Arabia. No one in Riyadh is marching around the… Continue Reading

Yemen Forecast: More Chaos to Come

by Adam Simpson Before the Saudi-led coalition launched Operation Storm of Decisiveness in March, Yemen had many afflictions. Its weak central government was wracked by internal feuds and beset by a diverse and widespread opposition. There was a proliferation of… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia’s Quagmire

by Thomas W. Lippman Three months after Saudi Arabia rounded up a few allies and began an intensive bombing campaign against the rebels known as Houthis across the border in Yemen, a conventional wisdom has developed. “It has not worked,”… Continue Reading