Groups Decry Obama’s Failure to Close Guantanamo


via IPS News Human rights groups are denouncing President Barack Obama’s failure to veto a defence bill that will make it far more difficult for him to fulfill his four-year-old pledge to close the Guantanamo detention facility this year. Obama… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Economy Faces Grim 2013


By Kevan Harris via USIP What is the state of Iran’s economy in 2013 compared to a year ago?  Iran’s economy enters 2013 significantly worse than a year ago, particularly with higher inflation and unemployment than at the beginning of… Continue Reading  

The Arab Spring, Archaic Statist Laws and Entrepreneurship


As the Arab Spring turns two, job creation offers the key promise of success in post-autocratic societies. While other important lessons could be gleaned from the unprecedented Arab upheavals, economic growth is the most shining one. Unless Washington and other… Continue Reading  

2012 Predictions of war with Iran that didn’t Happen (20th Anniversary Edition)


It’s June 15, 1992. A news nugget on page A-12 of the Washington Post reports that the chief of Israel’s Air Force believes military action might be necessary to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons: Maj. Gen. Herzl Budinger told… Continue Reading  

What if, even without US sanctions, Iran is geo-politically in decline?


That’s the question posed by Juan Cole, a Middle East expert and professor at the University Michigan, on his well-read blog yesterday. Just consider current regional dynamics: If al-Assad falls in Syria and is replaced by a Sunni government of revolutionaries,… Continue Reading