How Hezbollah Can Embrace Reform If Lebanon’s Uprising Doesn’t Overreach

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz It is great news for Lebanon that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has resigned. At this decisive moment, the undeclared leaders of the uprising must pause and weigh alternatives. A secular identity is emerging in the October… Continue Reading  

Bad Moon Rising for Lebanon

By Aurélie Daher For two weeks now, the free world has been enthusiastic about the uprising of Lebanese society against its political class. In this collective momentum calling for the departure of a clique inherited in large part from the… Continue Reading  

Popular Protest: How Effective Is It?

By James M. Dorsey If there is one theme, beyond corruption and a host of economic and social grievances, that have driven protests — large and small, local, sectoral and national – across the globe, it has been a call… Continue Reading  

Radical Reform or Total Chaos for Lebanon?

By Nabeel Khoury Lebanese of all sectarian, political, and regional affiliations took to the streets starting on October 17 to protest rampant corruption and the collapse of services. Unlike previous protests, these sprang up across the country and seem to be driven… Continue Reading  

Corruption, Inequality, and Poverty Fuel Widespread Anger in Lebanon

by Giorgio Cafiero “Revolution, revolution!” “The people want the downfall of the regime!” Fed up with a crumbling economy, state negligence, and widespread corruption, thousands of Lebanese have defiantly chanted these slogans this month amid difficult times. Although Lebanon’s ongoing… Continue Reading