Combating the Islamic State: Turkey the Spoiler

by Wayne White Turkey has disrupted efforts to isolate and weaken the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) since last year. Having the longest border with Syria, Turkey has been a serious obstacle in dealing with the military challenge IS poses… Continue Reading  

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Another Perspective

by Wayne White Post-Paris, there are good reasons for concern over the mass migration of mainly Syrian refugees into Europe. The knowledge that a November 13 Islamic State (ISIS or IS) attacker slipped into Europe among the refugees surely demands… Continue Reading  

Putin Tosses His Russian Monkey Wrench into Syria

by Wayne White Inserting Russian military power directly into the Syrian maelstrom is Vladimir Putin’s bold gambit to prop up sagging Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. The battle against the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) appears to be a marginal consideration—merely… Continue Reading  

Why We Went to War Against Iraq: Re-Writing History Again

by Wayne White Some Republican presidential hopefuls—plus Colin Powell—are trying to shift responsibility for the Iraq War away from Bush administration politicians by blaming the U.S. intelligence community. This is only part of the real story. The rest, which the… Continue Reading  

The Danger of Rogue Israeli Military Action against Iran

by Wayne White The New York Times reported on August 21 that, according to leaks by Ehud Barak’s biographers, the former Israeli defense minister and his boss, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, were ready to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in 2010,… Continue Reading