Sadegh Zibakalam: I Will Not Trample on the American Flag

by Shima Shahrabi It has been more than a week since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, and many observers in the US and around the world are still in shock. Iran is no exception. Some believe Trump’s presidency bodes… Continue Reading

Donald Trump: A Win for the UAE?

by Giorgio Cafiero Throughout this year’s unprecedented U.S. presidential election, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) officials mostly favored Hillary Clinton as the business-as-usual candidate. They were supportive of the Democratic Party candidate based on personal ties dating back to her husband’s… Continue Reading

Iran Should Be Worried About a Trump Administration

by Shireen T. Hunter Those observers in Iran who thought that a victory by Donald Trump in the US presidential race would be in Iran’s interests should by now have realized how wrong they were. It’s not just because President-elect… Continue Reading

President Trump and the Art of the Iran Nuclear Deal

by International Crisis Group Much remains uncertain about the foreign policy direction President-Elect Donald J. Trump will take, but his rhetoric on the campaign trail, as well as the Iran-regime-change stance of some of his first appointees, raise concerns for… Continue Reading