Why Is the United States Still Backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen?

by William D. Hartung This month’s White House visit by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) underscores the growing influence of the Saudi defense minister, who is the driving force behind the kingdom’s catastrophic war in Yemen. The Obama administration… Continue Reading  

Obama Is Right Not to Say “Radical Islam”

by Emile Nakhleh The recent verbal attacks by the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump and his supporters on President Barack Obama for avoiding the phrase “radical Islam” in his public pronouncements are simplistic, racially inflammatory — and flatly misinformed.

An Endless Cycle of Indecisive Wars

by Patrick Cockburn We live in an age of disintegration. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Greater Middle East and Africa. Across the vast swath of territory between Pakistan and Nigeria, there are at least seven ongoing wars… Continue Reading  

Oil Uncertainty Threatens Iraq’s Ability to Rebuild

by Derek Davison The global oil market is undeniably in flux. Crude oil prices, after dropping at the start of this year to levels not seen in more than a decade, have climbed nearly $20 per barrel, back into the… Continue Reading  

Kazakhstan and China: Fear, Loathing and Money

by Aigerim Toleukhanova There is an old Kazakh proverb that states: “To be the captive of the Chinese is a tight noose — with the Russians, it is a wide, open road.” The saying is believed to date back to the… Continue Reading