Netanyahu’s Race-Baiting Was Long-Planned

by Mitchell Plitnick Controversial comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about heavy voter turnout in Israel’s Arab sector were not one-time mistakes but part of a broader strategy executed by the Likud campaign, a report broadcast Monday by Israel’s… Continue Reading  

Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East

by Derek Davison Foreign policy has taken a backseat to domestic issues in the Democratic primary thus far. There are two explanations for this. One is that the Democratic base simply doesn’t see foreign policy—apart from “terrorism,” which at least… Continue Reading  

The Virtues of Diplomacy

by Henry Precht Diplomats are normally seen as mild, perhaps timid people associated with tea sipping and good manners. I could (barely) have passed for one when I was working on Iran in the State Department during the 1979-80 Iran hostage… Continue Reading  

Strategy Abroad for Obama’s Last Year

by Robert E. Hunter With less than a year left in his presidency, Barack Obama has said he will do all he can for America at home, bypassing Congress if need be with executive orders. He can also act on… Continue Reading  

Geopolitics and Turkish Contemporary Politics

by Robert Olson Turkey‘s contemporary politics are full of Sturm und Drang and it is difficult to know when the current turmoil will subside or the sides will reach some kind of political agreement.