From Tehran to Tokyo, U.S. Geo-Strategic Shifts in Motion

by Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Nov 29 2013 (IPS) – From the Middle East to the East China Sea, the last week’s events have offered a particularly vivid example of the much-heralded shift in foreign policy priorities under the administration of… Continue Reading  

Iran Deal: 10 Facts You May Have Overlooked

by Gary Sick via Gary’s Choices In the avalanche of reportage and commentary on the nuclear deal with Iran, here are a few tiny facts that may have escaped your notice: 1.  France’s President François Hollande made his triumphal trip to Israel… Continue Reading  

De-Demonizing the Islamic Republic of Iran

by Henry Precht “Next Steps on Iran.” That was the title of the [seemingly] countless memos that we in the State Department’s Near East Bureau sent to the Secretary and the White House during the chaotic months between the revolution… Continue Reading  

Syria: More Mayhem With No End in Sight

by Wayne White With the boost from the chemical weapons deal now in the rear view mirror, the chilling picture of the brutal daily slugging match in Syria has remerged. The Assad regime’s offensive against rebel forces grinds on, but… Continue Reading  

Iran Deal Gains Traction Despite Dissent

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Despite strenuous objections by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and mostly Republican lawmakers here, the new accord between the Iran and the U.S. and five other major powers on Tehran’s nuclear programme appears to… Continue Reading