Treasury Official: Senate’s Iran Central Bank Sanctions ‘Risk Fracturing The International Coalition’ Against Iran

Republished by arrangement with Think Progress The Obama administration, while wanting to apply additional pressure on Iran, came out today in a letter to a key Member of Congress and in a Congressional hearing with “strong opposition” to a Senate… Continue Reading  

Symptoms of the Bush-Obama Presidency

Reposted by arrangement with Tom Dispatch The Saved and the Sacked By David Bromwich Is it too soon to speak of the Bush-Obama presidency? The record shows impressive continuities between the two administrations, and nowhere more than in the policy… Continue Reading  

Human Rights Abusers on New List of Iran Sanctions Targets

For the first time, the Obama administration has issued an Executive Order sanctioning a list of individual Iranians on the basis of their alleged participation in Iranian human rights violations. There are eight people who perform various duties for the… Continue Reading