Rouhani’s Post-Election Openings and Challenges

by Ellie Geranmayeh Despite their limited choice, Iranian voters opted to back a strategy that diluted the power of radical hardliners within the Islamic Republic rather than conceding the political game to them. Last week’s election results strengthened the alignment… Continue Reading  

Iran Elections: The Assembly of Experts

by Small Media Later this month, Iranians will vote in the first elections since the 2013 presidential elections that swept Hassan Rouhani into office. In our previous blog post we showed how the parliamentary elections on February 26 are pretty… Continue Reading  

Human Rights Abusers on New List of Iran Sanctions Targets

For the first time, the Obama administration has issued an Executive Order sanctioning a list of individual Iranians on the basis of their alleged participation in Iranian human rights violations. There are eight people who perform various duties for the… Continue Reading