Hawks on Iran

In response to a worrying trend in U.S. politics, Lobe Log publishes “Hawks on Iran” every Friday. Our posts highlight militaristic commentary and confrontational policy recommendations about Iran from a variety of sources including news articles, think tanks and pundits.… Continue Reading

Ben Birnbaum Attempts to Revive ‘Arab States Support Military Strike’ Argument

As mentioned in today’s Daily Talking Points, The Washington Times’ Ben Birnbaum is attempting to keep current the discredited, but never quite dead, argument that Arab states would support a U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons… Continue Reading

Lee Smith: “Automated Meaning-Extraction” System Confirms Iranian Control Over Hezbollah

Despite the growing list of voices supporting the concept of linkage—the notion, accepted at the highest levels of the U.S. military, that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will help promote U.S. strategic interests in the Middle East—neoconservatives continue to push the… Continue Reading