US Analysts: Netanyahu crossing the line with Obama

Adding to a central point of David Remnick’s article in the New Yorker earlier this week — that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone too far with his pressure campaign against President Barak Obama and alienated allies in the process… Continue Reading  

Dumb and Dumber

Obama’s “Smart Power” Foreign Policy Not Smart at All By John Feffer via Tom Dispatch Barack Obama is a smart guy. So why has he spent the last four years executing such a dumb foreign policy? True, his reliance on “smart power”… Continue Reading  

Robert Wright on the “Romney Doctrine”

Author and senior editor at the Atlantic Robert Wright has a knack for highlighting important Iran policy-related statements made by leading U.S. politicians. Here he is clearing up any confusion about Mitt Romney’s “red line” on Iran when compared to… Continue Reading  

Jim Morin’s “Bomb Iran” Cartoon is simple perfection

Eat your heart out John McCain. (via the Miami Herald)