Bibi’s Gang: All the Prime Minister’s Men (and Women)

by Marsha B. Cohen Hours before the U.S. federal government shutdown, members of the House and Senate from both parties were with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a reception honoring outgoing Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor,… Continue Reading

Israel’s Next Ambassador to the US: A Jewish Karl Rove

by Mitchell Plitnick Ron Dermer, the man who is rumored to be the replacement for Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren (who resigned today), has been compared to Karl Rove. The comparison is an apt one. Oren, an… Continue Reading

The Emergency Committee For Israel Speaks For Itself And Not Much Else

by Eli Clifton & Jim Lobe The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) is having a rough six months. Last year, ECI and its chairman, Republican operative Bill Kristol, did all it could to portray Barack Obama as insufficiently supportive of Israel. The group’s efforts and… Continue Reading

Top Netanyahu Adviser set to become Israel’s next US Ambassador

by Marsha B. Cohen While Chuck Hagel is twisting in the wind, being savaged by the Emergency Committee for Israel and other “pro-Israel” organizations, Israels’ Prime Minister is contemplating making a neoconservative American-born GOP operative Israel’s next ambassador to the… Continue Reading

Is the Weekly Standard’s “Historian Friend” Israel’s Ambassador? Eliot Cohen Perhaps?

I’d love to know the identity of The Weekly Standard‘s “historian friend” featured in a brief post this morning by Daniel Halper and wonder if it may have been Israel’s ambassador here, Michael Oren. Here’s the quote: Military service in… Continue Reading