Romney Fundraiser Host Bankrolled Right-Wing Group That Wants To Bomb Iran

via Think Progress Yesterday, Mitt Romney held three fundraisers in the Hamptons, the exclusive beach towns known as a playground to super-rich New York City financiers.According to the Los Angeles Times, one event was co-hosted by Daniel Loeb, a hedge-funder who… Continue Reading

Romney Distances Himself From Kristol’s Call For Congress To Authorize Iran War

via Think Progress The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and the Foreign Policy Institute’s Jamie Fly this weekend penned an article calling on President Obama to ask Congress to authorize military force against Iran. The piece came just days after a Kristol-led pressure groupunveiled a television… Continue Reading

ECI blasts Dem Sens and AIPAC for Supporting START

Where does the  Emergency Committee for Israel get off complaining that AIPAC shouldn’t support New START because it’s outside of the “pro-Israel” purview? Who knows. But that’s exactly what they did. ECI, the partisan “pro-Israel” group set up by Bill Kristol,… Continue Reading