Ombudsman: Jen Rubin Supports Call to Kill Palestinians, ‘Did Damage’ to WaPo Credibility

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Last month, Rachel Abrams, a board member of a right-wing pro-Israel organization, wrote a controversial blog post calling for Palestinian militants — and their children — to be fed to sharks. After Abrams linked… Continue Reading

Leading Neocon Says She Wants To Feed ThinkProgress Writer To Sharks

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress AbramsLast week, a well-connected neoconservative pundit and board member of a high-profile right-wing pressure group wrote, after the prisoner swap deal that freed an Israeli soldier, that Israel should now take Palestinian militants —… Continue Reading

Neocon Group: Obama ‘Not Pro-Israel’; Netanyahu Demurs

The right-wing pro-Israel lobby group the Emergency Committee for Israel launched an ad campaign attacking President Barack Obama for his record on Israel. The ads, featured on billboards, public transport and with a web ad on the New York Times… Continue Reading

ECI blasts Dem Sens and AIPAC for Supporting START

Where does the  Emergency Committee for Israel get off complaining that AIPAC shouldn’t support New START because it’s outside of the “pro-Israel” purview? Who knows. But that’s exactly what they did. ECI, the partisan “pro-Israel” group set up by Bill Kristol,… Continue Reading

Rubin wants to “Forget the ‘peace process'” and Bomb Iran Already

In September 2008, The Bipartisan Policy Center issued a report analyzing the Iranian nuclear program and offering recommendations for the U.S. strategic response. This neoconservative “roadmap to war,” as Jim Lobe referred to the report authored by numerous neocons and (troublesomely)… Continue Reading