Trump v. Clinton: What’s a Good Neocon to Do?

by Jim Lobe There have been some reports—most recently, in The Intercept—that neoconservatives, most of whom have indeed expressed a strong dislike for Donald Trump, are now moving to support Hillary Clinton. This assessment is based primarily (and exclusively in… Continue Reading

Urging a more cautious reading of Wikileaks on Iran-Iraq connections

My new piece just went up at the website of the Columbia Journalism Review. It covers some of the Iran hawks conclusions about the revelations, from the Wikileaks document dumps, about the alleged Iranian support for Iraqi militias. I urge that,… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for October 27, 2010. Foreign Policy: Harvard International Relations Professor Stephen Walt blogs the revelations that Hamid Karzai receives money from Iran should come as no surprise. Far from being a “dastardly Iranian… Continue Reading