The Empty-Headedness of K.T. McFarland

by Jim Lobe When retired Adm. Robert Harward rejected Donald Trump’s offer to succeed Gen. Michael Flynn as the president’s new national security adviser (NSA), a variety of sources reported that the general’s real reason was that he couldn’t pick… Continue Reading

Jake Sullivan’s Five Hard Questions for Trump’s Mideast Policy

by Jim Lobe On January 11, the Middle East Policy Council (MEPC) presented its 87th Capitol Hill Conference on the future of U.S. Middle East policy under the Trump administration. Speakers included Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s senior foreign policy advisor… Continue Reading

Clinton Campaign Recycles Hawkish Foreign Policy Positions

by Eli Clifton On Thursday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign adopted what appeared to be a new strategy against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is, according to polls released today, leading her by eight points in Iowa and nine points in New… Continue Reading