Alleged Iran Terror Plot tied to Mr. Bean, Saudia Arabia, Iraq and Bahrain

The details of the alleged Iranian terror plot are getting more interesting and complicated by the day. In addition to experts analyzing its sketchy details, a significant amount has been written about Mansour Arbabsiar’s lifestyle and personality, with a former… Continue Reading  

Barbara Slavin Finds Skepticism

The Atlantic Council’s resident Iran specialist and regular IPS contributor Barbara Slavin has an excellent piece today on the skepticism on the part of Iran specialists and intelligence veterans surrounding the Justice Department’s version of the alleged Iran assassination plot.… Continue Reading  

Right-Wing Think Tankers Use Alleged Assassination Plot To Push For War With Iran

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Details of the alleged plot by an Iranian-American to hire Mexican drug cartels to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington remain few and far between. But that hasn’t stopped analysts at the American… Continue Reading  

Sen. Mark Kirk: ‘It’s Okay To Take Food From The Mouths Of’ Innocent Iranians

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), one of Washington’s most reliably hawkish politicos on Iran, made clear yesterday that he wants to go over the heads of the Iranian regime and appeal to the Iranian people’s… Continue Reading  

Did Iran launch a plot against the US?

By Gary Sick First posted at Gary’s Choices At the link is the text of an affidavit accusing Iran of organizing a hit on the Saudi Ambassador in Washington. I find this very hard to believe. In fact, this plot,… Continue Reading