Meet An Islamophobia Network Funder: The Varet And Rosenwald Family

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress The Varet and Rosenwald family’s philanthropy — led by Elizabeth Varet, a director at American Securities Management and a granddaughter of Sears Roebuck founder Julius Rosenwald, David Steinmann and Nina Rosenwald — are identified… Continue Reading  

Neocon Blogger Cherry Picks Pew Report Data To Dismiss Islamophobia

Posted by arrangement with Think Progress Neoconservative blogger Ed Lasky takes issue with the Center For American Progress’s new report — “Fear, Inc.” — documenting the Islamophobia industry in America. He cites a Reuters write-up of a Pew poll surveying… Continue Reading  

Neocon Iran Policy Committee tied to disgraced Iraqi National Congress

And Eli Clifton The Iran Policy Committee (IPC), the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), and the Iraqi National Congress (INC) are connected in more ways than just a neocon modus operandi of taking exile groups with little or no domestic legitimacy, using… Continue Reading