What If: An Alternative Strategy for 9/12/2001

by Danny Sjursen “Of all manifestations of power, restraint impresses men most.” — Thucydides You’ve heard the platitude that hindsight is 20/20. It’s true enough and, though I’ve been a regular skeptic about what policymakers used to call the Global… Continue Reading

The Obama Arms Bazaar: Record Sales, Troubling Results

by William D. Hartung With the end of the Obama presidency just around the corner, discussions of his administration’s foreign policy legacy are already well under way. But one central element of that policy has received little attention: the Obama administration’s… Continue Reading

“Grand Waffle” in the Middle East

Amb. Chas Freeman (ret.) spoke to a Middle East Policy Council (MEPC) forum on U.S. Grand Strategy — or, in his words “Grand Waffle” — in the Middle East on Capitol Hill yesterday and has graciously agreed to have the… Continue Reading