Understanding the Geneva II Conference

by Tyler Cullis On Jan. 22, 2014, the long-promised Geneva II conference will begin, with close to 30 countries sending delegations in a last-ditch bid to end the violence in Syria. The talks, which will include both the Assad regime… Continue Reading  

Syria: Paralysis on Pennsylvania Avenue

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Three months after averting a military strike against Syria with a last-minute deal to deprive it of its chemical weapons arsenal, U.S. policy toward the world’s most violent conflict appears increasingly at sea. The… Continue Reading  

Could Iran Deliver Assad in Geneva?

by Tyler Cullis Few places deserve less optimism than Syria, where a civil war has raged unabated for more than two years. The situation on the ground continues to deteriorate at an appreciable rate, with close to 10 million people presently… Continue Reading  

Syria: More Mayhem With No End in Sight

by Wayne White With the boost from the chemical weapons deal now in the rear view mirror, the chilling picture of the brutal daily slugging match in Syria has remerged. The Assad regime’s offensive against rebel forces grinds on, but… Continue Reading  

Syria Has Become Iran’s Vietnam – Let’s Help It Escape

by Mark Fitzpatrick via IPS News As if the Iran nuclear issue was not already difficult enough, it became even more complicated when Bashar al-Assad unleashed his chemical weapons across Damascus suburbs last month. Suddenly, the Syria issue is overshadowing… Continue Reading