Poll: Lack of Internal Reforms – Not External Interference – Biggest Obstacle to Mideast Peace

by Jim Lobe The failure by regional governments to implement political and economic reforms is seen by most publics in predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern countries as a greater obstacle to peace and stability than foreign interference, whether from the U.S.… Continue Reading  

Trump: Legitimizing Extremism

by Paul R. Pillar One of the more pertinent observations about Donald Trump’s comment this week on what gun owners could do about a Hillary Clinton presidency comes from columnist Thomas Friedman, who recalls the assassination in Israel 21 years… Continue Reading  

Countering Violent Extremism: Palliative or Cure?

by Diana Ohlbaum As violence continues to escalate across the Middle East, one thing ought to be clear: the problem of terrorism cannot be solved militarily. It’s not just peaceniks who say this. Retired General James Conway and Retired Admiral… Continue Reading  

Are Jihadis Reaching their Limits of Nihilism?

by Graham E. Fuller It is hard to find even the smallest silver lining in the ongoing series of jihadist outrages that now proliferate with each daily news report. The immoral and cynical exploitation of religion (a constant of human… Continue Reading