A Deadly Enough Crisis to Forget MAGA for a Moment?

by Akbar Ahmed and Lawrence Wilkerson While Michael Cohen mesmerized the Democrats in the House of Representatives and provided more fodder for Republican ire, President Trump resumed his love affair with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a second U.S.-DPRK… Continue Reading  

Major U.S. Debate Over Wisdom of Syria Attack

by Jim Lobe via IPS News While some kind of U.S. military action against Syria in the coming days appears increasingly inevitable, the debate over the why and how of such an attack has grown white hot here. On one… Continue Reading  

What Can The U.S. Do About Syria?

Reprinted with permission of Think Progress Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty doesn’t want you to think he’s a neoconservative. But neoconservatives themselves — not exactly known for diverse views — roundly approved of his foreign policy speech this week. One… Continue Reading