Baku’s Formula One Race: Image Over Cost

by Vusala Alibayli It is billed as “four unforgettable days of entertainment.” But some Azerbaijanis wonder whether the most unforgettable aspect of the June 16-19 Formula One Grand Prix Europe, hosted in their capital city, Baku, will be the event’s cost.… Continue Reading  

Iran Nuke Deal Would Be a Mixed Bag for Azerbaijan

by Eldar Mamedov A lot still has to happen before a deal to monitor Iran’s nuclear program can be implemented. But if it goes through, Azerbaijan could face a diplomatic quandary. Representatives of the 5+1 group (comprising the United States,… Continue Reading  

Azerbaijan: Time to Address the Potential Salafi Danger

by Eldar Mamedov Earlier in October, Azerbaijani news media reported the death of a professional Azerbaijani wrestler, Rashad Bakhshaliyev, who was killed in Syria while fighting for the Islamic State. The news, which came as a surprise to many in… Continue Reading  

Azerbaijan’s Plans for Nuclear Power Raise Concerns

by Shahin Abbasov At first glance, it doesn’t add up; why is Azerbaijan, a country brimming with oil and gas, interested in developing nuclear power capacity? It’s a question befuddling local experts and environmental activists in Baku. But the questions… Continue Reading  

The Exchange with ProPublica Continues…

by Jim Lobe For those of you who have followed the recent exchanges between myself and ProPublica, another one took place following the publication of Gareth’s piece on Sebastian Rotella’s coverage of an alleged Iranian/Hezbollah plot to blow up the… Continue Reading