Bahraini Opposition Shuns Bogus Dialogue

by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News Bahraini opposition groups announced on Tuesday their opposition to participating in the dialogue that is supposed to start tomorrow. According to the Bahrain Mirror, the five opposition groups that signed the joint statement included… Continue Reading

Bahrain Declares War on the Opposition

via IPS News The special session of the Bahraini National Assembly held on Sunday Jul. 28 was a spectacle of venom, a display of vulgarity, and an unabashed nod to increased dictatorship. Calling the Shia “dogs”, as one parliamentarian said… Continue Reading

Obama and Bahrain: How to Save Al-Khalifa Rule

by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News Despite the start of a government-inspired dialogue with the opposition Sunday, the Bahraini government continues to jail dissidents, arrest demonstrators, and use a rigged judicial system to convict them. Although the Al-Khalifa regime officially… Continue Reading