Weekly Standard, Rove Make the Case for Israel-al Qaeda Linkage

In their zeal to undermine or discredit Obama in any way they can, the neo-conservative Weekly Standard and former top Bush adviser Karl Rove have been indirectly making the case that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the single, most important recruitment… Continue Reading

Foxman: Opposed to collective punishment in Israel, for it in Iran

On his blog, journalist and filmmaker Max Blumenthal alerts us to a video from David Sheen that shows the young Israeli journalist interviewing Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League. The discussion is remarkable for Foxman’s unsettled reaction — to… Continue Reading

ADL: Wrong Address for Diversity, Tolerance and Acceptance

Enclosed please find all ADL address labels your office has ever sent to me in the hope of receiving a contribution.

After the Anti Defamation League’s opposition to the construction of the Park 51 community center complex (usually, if inaccurately, refered to as the “ground zero mosque”), I cannot imagine ever again using an address sticker with my name on it that associates the ADL with “Diversity,” “Tolerance” or “Acceptance.” Continue Reading