Iran Hawks: Get Over Your Coup Allergy And Embrace Regime Change

by Ben Armbruster

Just a few months ago, Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the hawkish think tank Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, was trying to argue that he had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s decision to kill the Iran nuclear deal, and that instead, he actually wanted to save it.

Of course, anyone who’s been paying the least bit of attention to this issue over the years knows that’s complete nonsense. Check out this piece on LobeLog that explains in great detail that Dubowitz has, in reality, been gunning for the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) since well before it was even agreed to, that he worked hard to dismantle it after implementation, and that his real goal is regime change in Tehran (or “coerced democratization,” as he put it in a memo to Trump last year). Dubowitz’s claim that he actually wanted to save the Iran deal—seemingly an attempt to absolve himself of any negative fallout from Trump’s decision to withdraw—was so egregious that even The New York Times took notice.

But now that Trump this week officially reimposed the first series of sanctions that were lifted as part of the agreement, Dubowitz, his FDD colleagues, and other Iran hawks could hardly contain their glee at the renewed opportunity for regime change and/or war.

FDD’s Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh of the Council on Foreign Relations climbed to the top of the heap with a 5,000+ word missive in Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard calling for a CIA-assisted regime change effort in Iran. “Depending on what the mullahs do,” they write, “war may once more be on the horizon.”

Aside from the enormous complexities of pulling off such a regime change—and the extremely dangerous consequences that would result (none of which the authors address)—suggesting that the CIA launch another coup in Iran takes some real gall. After all, the CIA’s past involvement in fomenting a coup in Iran (or anywhere else for that matter) didn’t turn out so well for anyone.

Gerecht and Takeyh try to weasel their way out of this quandary by claiming that the CIA didn’t really have all that much to do with the coup in Iran in the 1950s. So, they argue, Americans should just get over their “coup allergy” because “it inhibits creativity.” (The CIA itself has admitted that it was behind the 1953 coup that overthrew Iran’s democratically elected prime minister. Gerecht and Takeyh acknowledge that the CIA launched the coup but claim that the agency called it off. That is also false.)

Dubowitz tweeted a link to Gerecht and Takeyh’s piece seeming to promote its call to arms. FDD’s twitter account piled on too and also promoted a quote (in a tweet which has since been deleted) from a staffer calling for occasional “kinetic action” (i.e. military strikes) in the Middle East to confront Iran.

Dubowitz himself appears to be working to punish any Europeans who want to uphold the JCPOA and continue to do business in Iran, an effort that experts say will further drive a wedge between the United States and Europe with potentially destructive consequences for the Atlantic alliance and the U.S.-led international banking system.

This renewed push toward war and regime change isn’t coming from obscure or unnoticed voices in Washington. However ill-advised and illogical its policy positions, FDD is well-funded and its staffers regularly appear in mainstream media and have influence on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

Meanwhile, Iran hawks in Congress appear energized too. On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on TV that he’s openly advocating for the overthrow of Iran’s government. And a handful of GOP senators just issued a stark warning to Europe against moves to preserve the JCPOA.

Combine all this with the fact that many of Donald Trump’s most senior aides, including his national security advisor and secretary of state, have for years been itching to confront Tehran, and it’s not just that war “may be” on the horizon, as Gerecht and Takeyh write, but that the United States is perhaps closer to a military conflict with Iran than ever before.

Ben Armbruster is the communications director for Win Without War and previously served as National Security Editor at ThinkProgress.

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  1. Ali Mostofi, You’re a desperate old man, and your cheap $25 suit looks hideous. You should drink a glass of milk and go to bed early as you have neither the credential of a patriotic Iranian nor the intellect to discuss Iran’s future or any issues related to Iran. You have been copy/pasting the same old molested Israeli narrative over and over again.

    Frankly I am no fan of any clergy whether Islamic, Christian or Jewish as I consider 99% of them as despondent mercenaries existing thru their pretense of faith, and that applies to all three, which’s sick and repulsive. All three types are the real evil in this world due to their twisted interpretation of Lord’s divine instruction-sets for the faithful humans to follow. In an ideal world, if I rule it, no trace of clergy shall remain as I will exterminate them completely.

    Regardless, Iran’s current government has more members with PHD degrees than USA, UK and France combined. So, despite the ceaseless bellicose rhetoric and uncivilized conduct by Gambling Casino gangster Trump & his cohorts of losers, the Iranian regime shows guts and perseverance. I am sure USA will fail miserably in this new round of anti-Iran policy and Iran will gain further global clout and strength.

    USA regime, Saudis and Israeli Zionists now quite well, a war with Iran means the end of USA in the region for good, the destruction of UAE and S. Arabia and if Israelis were foolish enough to attack, then call a priest on them, as well.

    Ali Mostofi: Looking at your face in this forum makes me very angry as I feel shame to be from the same nation as you’re. What a disgrace for your family and your nation. Shame on you old man, you should have some self-respect. Don’t you scorn Iran and never invite hordes of BRUTES (PIGS, that’s) to invade it. That’s so low, and I am being utterly polite.

  2. Mark Dubowitz and his enablers will discover soon that their horrible anti-Iran actions are to no avail, as they will be put to shame and disrepute. Iran shall never back down while confronted by minions of evil.

    Iran done no wrong, committed no crime and harmed no other nation’s interests. Yet, this brute hoard is hell bent to destroy Iran as if they have the right to dictate who shall govern Iran . . !

    The irony remains quite puzzling; how on earth a lowly Canadian Ashkenazi Zionist could muster such influence over America’s so-called legislative branch? All signs indicate that America is going down the drain, it’s morphing to a failed state ruled by gangsters and outlaws.

    Honestly, America needs a revolution to restore its former status as a land of the free and the home of the brave, which looks like an oxymoron at the moment. There are no free men left and no home of brave remained. America is a Zionist colony ruled by Wall street swindlers, scam artists and Israeli thugs.

  3. Darius Jabari, well said!
    Not sure if you speak or can read in Farsi? But Ali Mostofi is “a bacheh por Roo” and “ Az Roo nemeereh!
    Also I agree with you and beyond about religions! The three man made religions ought to be dismantled and banned because all of them haven’t done anything constructive for humanity other than bringing destruction and distrust amongst mankind!

  4. Darius, and Monty

    I agree with your comments with regard to Iran and her 150 years old struggle, resistance for her independence, only an independent nation can become free and democratic and IMO, Iran is well underway and has progressed well so far. With Regard to Shia Religion in Iran, IMO the Shia religion glue that has held Iran together for last 500 years is part of state security considering the neighborhood and geostrategic position of Iran. IMO, if it was not for converting Iranian to Shia Muslim Iran wouldn’t have existed today. For Iran’s survival Iran needs to have a religion that the controls of the religion rest within Iran or her spheres of influence. Throughout the history there has been only two national religions that now equally contribute to Iranian national culture and identity as it exists today, which makes it more unique than any other states in western Asia. Those two religions are Zoroastrian and Shia Islam, IMO, Kourosh and Imam Hossain have formed a culture that is foundational to Iran’ security. I am not religious, but IMO those that they wish Iran was not a religious country do not understand how important Shia religion has been for Iran’s security specially since the great game. All Iranian independent movements in past 150 years has been indorsed or leaded by Shia clergy .

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