Aligning with Iran Necessary to Combat Sunni Extremism


by Emile Nakhleh In the past quarter century, the United States and its Western allies have suffered much from terrorism, mostly perpetrated by Sunni extremists. America has spent billions of dollars fighting al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups and more recently… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Alignment with Sunni Autocrats Masks Shallow Understanding of Region


by Emile Nakhleh President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia has engendered endless press reporting and analysis. Two key points stand out in the media coverage. First, the trip was mostly show than action. Second, the Saudis played up to Trump’s… Continue Reading  

Bahrain Arms Sales Belie US Commitment to Human Rights


by Emile Nakhleh The New York Times reported last Thursday that the US State Department has decided to lift human rights as a condition for the sale of F-16 fighter jets and other weapons to Bahrain, a small, Sunni, family-ruled… Continue Reading  

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization Is Bad for America


by Emile Nakhleh Much has been written recently about the Trump administration’s possible plans to designate the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) a terrorist organization. Such thinking reflects ignorance of the organization and its history, ideology, and deep roots in the Muslim… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Travel Ban Signals a Dystopian Vision of America


by Emile Nakhleh President Trump’s executive order suspending visas to nationals of seven Middle Eastern countries has created much confusion abroad, dissension at home, and a flurry of legal cases challenging the constitutionality of the order. Since all the seven… Continue Reading