Cultural Engagement Key to Improving US-Iran Relations – Report

by Jasmin Ramsey via IPS News Increasing U.S.-Iran cultural exchanges could lay the groundwork for better relations between the two countries, believes a prominent think tank here, despite the prevalence of stereotypical memes of the United States as the “Great… Continue Reading  

Should AEI Be Required to Register as a Foreign Agent?

by Jim Lobe For Taiwan that is. Our alumnus, Eli Clifton, makes a pretty good case below in his piece this week for The Nation, which we reprint with permission of the magazine. Two quick points about the article:

The Terrorism Boogeyman

by James A. Russell The globe-trotting travails of the fugitive Edward Snowden have given us an unexpected opportunity to hear from our senior intelligence officials about the necessity of their far-reaching surveillance program designed to protect us from terrorism. But as… Continue Reading  

Hope and Change with Rouhani?

by Omid Memarian The election of Hassan Rouhani has split Iranian analysts into three groups: the overly enthusiastic, the destructively pessimistic and the cautiously optimistic. The enthusiasts and the pessimists both present potentially inaccurate analyses of Iran’s current situation, views… Continue Reading  

On Iran, Ross Still Knows Best

by Jim Lobe Exactly three weeks ago, a confident Dennis Ross, President Barack Obama’s top Iran policy-maker for most of his first term, made the following assessments and predictions in an op-ed entitled, ironically, “Don’t Discount the Iranian Election:”