Accelerated Roadmap to War

by Jim Lobe The Bipartisan Policy Center, which last year published a detailed report on Iran policy that I called a “roadmap to war”, is coming out with an updated version next week, according to an op-ed co-authored by task… Continue Reading  

FPI Ropes In Liberal Interventionists After All

While they didn’t sign the FPI letter on Afghanistan, some liberal interventionists are joining their neo-conservative cousins in FPI’s upcoming two-day conference on the “role of human rights and democracy in American foreign policy,” the agenda for which you can… Continue Reading  

From the People (And Sarah Palin!) Who Brought Us the Iraq War

The same neo-conservatives (and some new ones like Sarah Palin(!), plus Amb. Ryan Crocker) who created the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) 12 years ago and subsequently campaigned ceaselessly for the ouster and invasion of Iraq have just… Continue Reading  

Changing the Divestment Tune: “Norwegian Wouldn’t”

A guest post by Profco The Norwegian Finance Ministry has announced that the government of Norway will be divesting from Elbit, a major Israeli defense contractor with operations in Asia, North America and the Middle East. Speaking at a Oslo… Continue Reading