Agents Deprovocateurs?

By Eli Clifton Below are some interesting videos I made in Pittsburgh last week. I was in town to cover the G-20 summit but went out on Thursday night with a friend to see some of the protests occurring around… Continue Reading  

Poverty and Polarization of Media Foreign-Policy Debate

A very good insight of what could be called the “Beltway Bubble” on foreign-policy thinking can be gained by a study of the September 19 National Journal’s “Insiders Poll” in which 115 Democratic and 116 Republican “insiders” ranked prominent columnists,… Continue Reading  

Dogs, Donkeys and Women, Oh My!

By Eli Clifton A newly created group dedicated to fighting the “Islamization of America” will be walking the streets of Washington DC on September 25th engaging passers-by in a “dialogue” about Islam in America. The group, Stop Islamization of America… Continue Reading  

Is Richard Goldstone an anti-Semite?

By Daniel Luban When last we checked in with Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic reporter was drumming up hysteria about the Iranian nuclear threat — much as he did in the runup to the Iraq war — and approvingly citing a… Continue Reading  

Evidence, Please

By Daniel Luban Following up on Jim’s post about the new Robb/Coats/Wald op-ed pushing preparations for a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, one line from the piece jumped out at me: “At its current pace, Iran’s nuclear program will… Continue Reading