Hawks on Iran

Lobe Log publishes Hawks on Iran every Friday. Our posts highlight militaristic commentary and confrontational policy recommendations about Iran from a variety of sources including news articles, think tanks and pundits. Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal: With “The Post-American Middle East”, the Journal’s editorial… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for January 21: Foreign Policy: Josh Rogin, on his Foreign Policy blog The Cable, reports that administration officials are pushing back against a common perception in Congress that China isn’t doing enough to support… Continue Reading  

Clinton Hails Sanctions, Reiterates Obamas “Sincere Offer Of Dialogue” Before P5+1 Meetings Next Week

Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin interviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the start of the IISS Manama Security Dialogue set for this weekend and next week’s P5+1 meetings in Geneva. Clinton set out her expectations for the meeting, telling Rogin… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for November 5, 2010. Foreign Policy: Josh Rogin, writing on Foreign Policy’s The Cable blog, reports that Heritage Action for America, the lobbying arms of the conservative Heritage Foundation, is sending out mailers… Continue Reading  

What The Republican Congress Means for Iran Policy

On the eve of the mid-term elections, George Washington University professor Marc Lynch blogged about how the outcome could impact U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. His Foreign Policy piece included the potential of a GOP-led Congress approving an… Continue Reading