Iranian Hardliners vs. Reformists: The Future of the JCPOA

by Pupak Mohebali Three years after reformer Hassan Rouhani became president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and eight months after signing the historic nuclear deal by Iran and the P5+1, Shahin Dadkhah left Iran for good and moved to… Continue Reading

Iranian Media on the Nuclear Issue

by Pupak Mohebali and Saeed Aganji Certain conservative media outlets are an important platform for Iran’s security and military services such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence. These media function as tribunes for the hardline… Continue Reading

Hardline Clerics Take the Helm of the Assembly of Experts

by Saeed Aganji and Pupak Mohebali According to Article 107 of Iran’s constitution, the Assembly of Experts for Leadership has the responsibility to elect and dismiss Iran’s Supreme Leader and supervise his activities. This entity does not work according to… Continue Reading