Gregory D. Johnsen: John Brennan is the wrong man for the CIA

Gregory D. Johnsen, a Princeton scholar who has emerged as a key Yemen analyst, explains why promoting John O. Brennan to CIA director following David Petraeus’ resignation is counterproductive: Mr. Brennan is the president’s chief counterterrorism adviser and the architect of… Continue Reading  

U.S. CENTCOM Commander Endorses Linkage

The Commander of the U.S. military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) has joined his predecessor, Gen. David Petraeus, in endorsing the concept of linkage. The notion of linkage contends that a festering Arab-Israeli conflict takes a strategic toll on the U.S. in… Continue Reading  

Petraeus Warns of Consequences from US Islamophobia

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, General David Petraeus condemned the plan of as small Florida church to burn Qurans on September 11th, once again emphasizing his acute awareness of the public diplomacy challenges the U.S. faces in the… Continue Reading