Weighing Benefits and Costs of Military Action Against Iran

The newly released Iran Project report which I’ve summarized below and which has received widespread coverage in prominent mainstream publications including the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and Haaertz, can be read in full here. The accompanying letter and list… Continue Reading  

NSN: ‘Bushehr Does Not Bring Iran Closer to the Bomb’

The National Security Network has issued another of their short, timely reports. And this one starts out by dispelling some hyperventilation about Iran starting to load nuclear fuel into its power plant at Bushehr, which is operating under IAEA safeguards. Über-hawk… Continue Reading  

NSN: Palin ‘Politicizing War Against Iran’

The National Security Network (NSN), an organization dedicated to promoting “pragmatic and principled” U.S. foreign policy, reports on the comments made Tuesday by 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin in an interview with the conservative website NewsMax. Her comments, says NSN, are part of… Continue Reading