Will Iran’s Opposition Leaders Be Released?

by Alireza Nader via IPS News Hassan Rouhani’s election as Iran’s new president has garnered much international attention. In particular, Rouhani’s ascendance has raised hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough on the Iranian nuclear crisis. It would not be surprising for… Continue Reading  

Rafsanjani Shut Out of Iran’s Presidential Race

by Farideh Farhi via IPS News With the disqualification of former president and current chair of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani by a vetting body, the Guardian Council, Iran’s presidential campaign is opening with many in the country in… Continue Reading  

Why Iran’s June Election Will be Different

Traditionally, a few months before a presidential election in Iran, the government opens the public sphere, giving more freedom to the press, more space for activists to speak out and even loosening social restrictions like the one on women’s clothing… Continue Reading  

Khamenei’s Mounting Pressures

by Alireza Nader Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program are set to re-start in February, but Iran’s previous foot dragging in agreeing to a time and venue for the negotiations has been vexing for U.S. and allied diplomats. Iranian behavior… Continue Reading  

Reformists Ambivalent about Participation in Iranian Election

via IPS News by Yasaman Baji (Tehran) With the June 2013 presidential election drawing closer, Iran’s reformists are debating what they should do in the face of the severe restrictions to which their leaders and political parties have been subject… Continue Reading