Egypt: What Is Done in the Name of Stability

by Rana Allam Five years ago, during the 18 days of the Egyptian revolution, the US administration was reluctant to take a position and side with the protesters who were calling for democracy and dignity. Egyptians, at the time, wondered… Continue Reading

Bilateral Complicity: The Next US President and Egypt

by Ryan J. Suto The current US presidential campaign debate on Middle East policy has focused disproportionately on the US response to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS). This series will focus instead on five alternative Middle East policy challenges… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia’s Perspective on the U.S. Presidential Race

by Giorgio Cafiero and Joshua Hodge The Saudi leadership is coming to terms with the possibility of Donald Trump becoming America’s 45th president. From Riyadh’s perspective, a Trump presidency represents many risks stemming from countless unknown variables surrounding the Republican… Continue Reading

King Salman’s Historic Visit to Egypt

by Brandan Martini On April 10, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman delivered an unprecedented and historic speech before Egypt’s parliament as part of a five-day visit in which Riyadh and Cairo signed numerous agreements across a variety of sectors. King Salman… Continue Reading

Renewing of Israel-Turkey Diplomatic Relations

by Robert Olson The reestablishment of Turkish-Israeli diplomatic relations has been bruited about for the past several months. Expectations increased when Dore Gold, the director of Israel’s foreign ministry, arrived in Istanbul on March 20 to retrieve the bodies of three Israelis who… Continue Reading