Netanyahu’s Predictable Traps to Sabotage Peace


by Lara Friedman In the weeks leading up to President Trump’s first planned trip to Israel, many observers have been waxing cautiously hopeful that, based on what Trump and officials like Jason Greenblatt have said and done thus far, the… Continue Reading  

Palestine and the New Peacemakers


by Paul R. Pillar President Trump’s expressed desire to resolve, somehow, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is welcome, but the grounds for skepticism about this outweigh the reasons for hope.  The principal reason for skepticism is the lack of evidence that Trump… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu’s Settlement Scam

Prime_Minister_of_Israel_Benjamin_Netanyahu (1)

by Mitchell Plitnick On March 30, the Israeli government announced that it had approved the first new settlement in 20 years. The new settlement is part of the government’s compensation package to the settlers of the recently evacuated outpost named… Continue Reading  

Israel-Palestine: No “Great Deal” on the Horizon


by James J. Zogby It looks like the Trump administration has come to agree with the conclusion reached by every US president and Central Command chief since the Gulf War of 1991—that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is necessary to promote… Continue Reading  

Friedman Vote: Will Democrats Stand up to Israel’s Settlements?


by Naomi Dann The Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) voted 12 to 9 to approve President Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. While Friedman is likely to be confirmed by the full Senate as early as this week,… Continue Reading