Biden, Ryan spar over Iran policy in debate

By Paul Mutter In last night’s vice presidential debate moderated by ABC News’s Martha Raddatz, Vice President Joe Biden and GOP nominee Paul Ryan (R-WI) focused extensively on the Iranian nuclear program and the US-Israeli response to it. Ryan sought… Continue Reading  

Secret Iranian Memo Disclosed by WackiLeaks: Israel Destroyed our Nukes!

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran formally acknowledges and confirms the claim that the Zionist Usurper Regime That Occupies Jerusalem (ZURTOJ, otherwise known as Israel) has utterly destroyed the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The Stuxnet and Duqu computer viruses, the magnetic bombs that martyred three Iranian nuclear scientists, carried out in cooperation with the terrorists of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, the explosions at Iranian military bases, and the latest revelations that Zionist commandos, aided by Kurdish fighters, have destroyed Iran’s nuclear facilities and its infrastructure. We can no longer hide the fact that Iran does not have a viable nuclear weapons program.

ZURTOJ has eradicated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear capability and nothing remains of it. Zionist spies have corrupted or deleted every computer file in the Islamic Republic, shredding and burning every sheet of paper with even a shred of dual-use knowledge that might be used in the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. The Mossad’s super-sensitive mind control software have infiltrated even the brains of our researchers, from graduate students to our technical experts at the highest level, eradicating any recollection of the principles of nuclear fission and fusion.

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CAP, “Israel-Firsters” and Iran

As many readers will know, recent weeks have seen a concerted neoconservative campaign against the Center for American Progress (CAP) and Media Matters on trumped-up charges of “anti-Semitism”. (Specific targets have included our former colleagues Ali Gharib and Eli Clifton,… Continue Reading  

The NYTimes Walks Back Their Iran Alarmism

On Sunday, the New York Times published an alarming piece by William Broad, James Glanz, and David Sanger claiming that Iran had acquired nearly twenty BM-25 missiles from North Korea that “could for the first time give Iran the capacity… Continue Reading