The Roots of Recurring Iranian-Pakistani Tensions

by Shireen T. Hunter In the past two weeks, relations between Tehran and Islamabad appear to have deteriorated again over border clashes and terrorist attacks in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province located close to the Pakistani-Iranian border. Unlike past tensions,… Continue Reading  

Iran-Pakistan Ties Challenged by Regional Violence

by Fatemeh Aman Escalating violence against the Islamic Republic of Iran from the volatile region of Baluchistan shows that Tehran’s approach toward regional insurgency may require revision. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Iranian consulate in Peshawar in… Continue Reading  

For Iran and Pakistan, Energy Trumps Enmity

by Fatemeh Aman via IPS News Iran appears to be putting its immediate economic and strategic needs ahead of religious solidarity as it seeks to promote ties with neighbouring Pakistan. Judging from a recent visit to Iran by Pakistani President Asef… Continue Reading