Israeli Intelligence Sources Contradict Bibi, Congress on Iran

by Marsha Cohen For months, top Israeli intelligence sources have been providing Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu with assessments that ought to make him welcome the progress being made at the most recent negotiations in Geneva, instead of, as one… Continue Reading

Three Observations from Tom Donilon’s Brookings Speech

On November 22, Thomas Donilon, the National Security Advisor for the Obama Administration and by some accounts the President’s foreign policy guru delivered what was considered a seminal speech at the Brookings Institute on the administration’s Iran policy. The rationale for the… Continue Reading

Why more sanctions on Iran now and will they work?

Writing in IPS News, Barbara Slavin suggests that domestic political concerns were a key impetus behind the latest round of U.S. sanctions against Iran: “The administration is trying to buy off Congress, buy off pressure from Israel and make sure… Continue Reading

Misperceptions and Provocations Rule U.S.-Iran Relations

Former Bush administration staffer, Reza Marashi, writes about the Iranian-American game of chicken in the National Interest: Both Iran and the United States are playing an extremely dangerous game based on misperceptions. Each side seems to be misreading the strength… Continue Reading