Jen Rubin vs. HSBC

On December 23, right-wing pro-Israel activist Noah Pollak was wandering through the Athens airport when he snapped a picture of an HSBC advertisement containing this factoid: Only 4% of American films are made by women. In Iran it’s 25%. Pollak tweeted the picture, adding… Continue Reading

Washington Post Asked to Account for Jennifer Rubin’s Latest Outburst

We here at LobeLog have been critical of The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin for her use of negative labels to describe her political opponents (e.g. complaining that American Jews have a “sick addiction” to the Democratic party), her factual distortions about… Continue Reading

Neoconservative Bloggers Continue Offensive Against HSBC’s Sanctions Busting… Ad

Blogger Alana Goodman, writing for Commentary‘s Contentions blog, and Jennifer Rubin, blogging for The Washington Post, are continuing their offensive against HSBC for daring to incorporate a statistic about women filmmakers in Iran into a recent advertisement. Both Rubin and Goodman… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for December 31, 2010 to January 5, 2011: The Wall Street Journal: David Feith adds his voice to the neoconservative criticism of HSBC’s recent advertisement that highlighted the high number of women in the… Continue Reading